Ostatni update: 29/09/2023

@Moeder Lambic – 29 september (+24h LCI)

On the phone, it’s potentially better horizontally :> The rest of the info about the live statistics is at the bottom, under the tables / charts.

Basic info:

  • Checkins are collected from venues: Moeder Lambic Fontainas and Moeder Lambic Original
  • With a large number of checkins / people / beers, there may be some discrepancies between the tables (especially at the beginning of the festival), which will level out after some time. Plus, there will probably be unloaded pictures - that will take time, because pics have a lower priority than check-ins.
  • "Live" in this case means "every few minutes" - but see above - the beginning of major festivals will be difficult
  • UT accounts hidden by users are not included in the statistics
  • Tables of beers, breweries and users are pageable, sortable and filterable ("search"). If someone is watching from the phone, it's better to have the screen horizontal (or scroll the tables horizontally)
  • The tables on the page do not refresh automatically - you have to reload the page in your browser if necessary.
  • Edits on UT made with a delay are taken into account only for a few / tens of seconds. In particular, this applies to not selecting a venue and adding it later, and checkins without rating that are edited later (this is where checkins / ratings are usually "lost").
  • Top3 columns in the tables do not recognize ties - always only 3 positions, when the same values the chronology decides. In addition, for top3 ratings, it requires a minimum of 3 ratings to get in.
  • If you don't know what Bayesian average is, I invite you >>here<< (unfortunately in Polish, but with pics & links to english language pages)
  • There are (as per Brewer Stage) minimum number of checkins for beers and breweries to be included in the tables. What are the numbers you can see in the first table with parameters.
  • Backlogs / late check-ins will be collected about a day after the end of the festival
  • I hope that nothing will fail (it works on an old laptop at home), but anyway: I do not take responsibility for anything (in particular: for the correctness of data), and I wish you nice statistics :>